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Information from the Superintendent

More Information on Requirements for Kansas Schools       If you read the newspapers and the internet, you surely are aware of some of the changes and mandates taking place in Kansas school districts.  Change is inevitable.  Over the years, there have been countless programs come and go.  Some of these required changes have been short lived and some ongoing. This is why it is so important that we try to . . . read more


2015-2016 School Year Set to Begin

The 2015-2016 School Year is fast approaching.  Here are some important dates you need to know:     Enrollment will be Wednesday August 12th from 8am to 7pm in the School Cafeteria.     First practice for fall sports is Monday August 17th.     GS-HS Open House is Tuesday . . . read more

Cell Phone Policy

On January 5,2015, the Board of Education adopted a change in the HS/MS Handbook regarding cell phone usage in school.   ELECTRONIC DEVICES (1-5-15) Cell phones and I-pods will be allowed in school.  They may be carried between classes and during lunch period.  When students enter a classroom, all cell . . . read more


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