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Counselor|IHS Graduation Requirements


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Academics Graduation Requirements

Academic Graduation Requirements

1. Language Arts- 4 credits

2. Mathematics- 3 credits

3. Science- 3 credits

4. Social Studies- 3 credits

  • U.S. History (11th grade) - 1 credit
  • American Government (12th grade) - 1 credit recommended, 1/2 credit required

5. P.E./ Health (½ credit each) = 1 credit

6. Computer Technology- 1 credit

7. Fine Arts- 1 credit

The remaining 10 credits will come from electives.

(Need a total of 26 credits in order to graduate!)


Kansas Board of Regents Requirements


***Qualified Admissions Curriculum***

English: 4 approved units required

Natural Science:  3 approved units required

Math:  3 approved units required in high school at or above Algebra 1

Social Sciences: Minimum of 3 units required

Foreign Language:  Recommended but not required

***Kansas Scholars' Curriculum***

English: 4 approved units required

Natural Science:  3 units required

Math:  1 additional unit (total of 4)

Social Sciences:  3 units required

Foreign Language: 2 units required

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