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Elementary School


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Mrs. Beach

Mrs. Beach


Class Schedule

7:50-8:30: Morning Routine/MTSS

8:30-9:55:  Literacy Centers

10:00-10:25: P.E.

10:25-11:00: Grammar

11:10-11:35:  Lunch

11:35-12:00:  Shared Reading

12:00-12:15:  Recess

12:15-1:05  Writing

1:05-1:30:  Music

1:30-2:20: Saxon Math

2:20-3:00:  AR

3:00-3:30:  Science/Social Studies/Art

3:30-3:50:  Read Aloud/Snack/Dismissal

Wednesday:  Library from 3:00-3:30

Thursday:  Computers from 10:25-10:46

The counselor comes every other Friday:  3:05-3:35



Information About our Class!

Purple Homework Folder-  Your child will be bringing home a purple homework folder every night with their homework in it.  On the form in the outside pocket is a reflection of their day.  On this form is their homework for the evening (they will usually have to complete Side B of the Saxon Math worksheet and/or Accelerated Math worksheet, practice flashcards, and read their AR book for 15 minutes).  After they have finished all of their homework, initial their Daily Reflection Form.

Weekly Newsletter-  On Fridays I will send home a newsletter in the homework folder explaining what we did during our school week.  It will also include explanations of any notes and reminders of upcoming events.  There will also be a spelling list attached to it.  Keep the list at home to help your student study for the next Friday’s test.   

Discipline-  The rules in our classroom are: 

1.  Be Polite
2.  Be Responsible
3.  Be Respectful
4.  Be Prepared
5.  Be a Team Player!

As rules are followed throughout the day, the students will receive lots of praise for their good behavior.  When the rules are broken, there are consequences.  We use a stoplight that works as a visual reminder for how many warnings they’ve had.  They will indicate on their Daily Reflection Form the kind of day they had.

1 Warning -  verbal correction

2 Warnings -  go to “yellow” and fill out a “Choice Contract”.  They will fill out their “Choice Contract” at the beginning of recess time.  On this form they have to specifically describe the undesirable choice that they made, provide a “next time” choice, and then sign their name.  They then have to conference with me before they can go outside for recess.

3 Warnings – go to “red”.  detention

4 Warnings –  go to “black”.  Have a meeting with Mr. Rockhold (principal) and call parents.

Weekly Helpers/Snacks-  Each student will get to be the classroom helper for a week at a time.  I have a list attached for the weeks that your student gets to be the helper.  Since there are more weeks than students, they have been assigned more than 1 week.  During their assigned week, they may also bring snack to share with their classmates.  Check our class list on the cover for the number of students.  If our class size changes, I will let you know.  

Parties – If you would like to volunteer to be a room parent or a volunteer for holiday parties at school, please sign the sheet that is also attached.  Please return this form to school if you would like to sign up.  The kiddos really like to have their parents come in to their classroom occasionally and be in charge!  The duties of the room parent would be to contact the other volunteer for that holiday and together plan activities, snack, etc.



Toys from home-  It states in the handbook that students are asked not to bring items from home except for well-marked ball gloves.  However, with limited classroom playground equipment Mr. Novack has approved that students may bring appropriate equipment to be played with on the playground.  They must be played with at recess only.  I will not handle any conflicts over lost or broken toys. They will take that chance when they bring them to school.

Water Bottles-  Students in my class are welcome to bring a water bottle to keep at their desk to drink during the day.  

Birthdays-  We like to celebrate birthdays at school.  Feel free to send treats on your child’s birthday!!  If your child’s birthday is during the summer, we will celebrate their un-birthday.  They can pick any day at the end of the school year to celebrate with their classmates.

*If your child is having a birthday party outside of school, please do not allow them to pass out invitations at school.

P/T Conferences-  Two parent/teacher conferences are scheduled this year.  There will be one in October and one again in March.  I encourage you to take advantage of these meetings to learn more about your child’s progress in second grade.  You will receive more information as the conference dates get closer.

PAWS Assembly-  There will be a PAWS Assembly each month.  Each elementary class is assigned a month and is responsible for preparing and presenting a program.  I will let you know in our newsletter as our program approaches.

Field Trips-  We will go on various educational field trips this year.  As they are planned, I will give you more information.

Accelerated Reader-  During AR, we read for 40 minutes.  Second graders are also encouraged to read 15 minutes at home every night.  By signing the homework folder, you are showing me that you observed your child read.  The kids will have individual weekly point goals to meet.  If your student falls behind on their goal, they may have to lose privileges until they get caught up.

Math Facts in a Flash-  Part of your students homework is to practice their math fact flashcards.  By signing the homework folder, you are showing me that you observed your child practice their flashcards.  We will also practice their speed at school by doing timed written practices and tests on the computer.  They will have to answer 40 facts correctly in 2 minutes or less on the computer in order to advance to the next level.  Each time they move up, they will bring home a new set of flashcards.

Accelerated Math / Saxon Math-  Saxon Math  and Accelerated Math are the math programs  we use in 2nd grade.  In Saxon, skills are introduced in the lesson and we practice them using manipulative's.  We complete Side A in class and side B will be sent home for homework.  Accelerated Math is another program we use.  Most work is completed in class, however at times your student may bring this work home as well.