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JH Track

May 14, 2018


The JH track team has been striving to improve all of their events. The runners are improving their times, the throwers are improving their lengths and the jumpers are increasing their heights. This year's team consists of forty students and three coaches. The 8th graders this year are Tyson Bleumer, Braydon Irsik, Courtney Bailey, Koda King, Chance Unruh, Cooper Beavers, Trinity Denton, Alexia Watson, Miah Hackney, and manager Ashlynn Teeter. The 7th graders are Cole Teeter, Brianna Varela, Darbi Nash, Brendon Ellis, Taylor Davis, Will Ast, Hayden Cure, Tater Dwyre, Crystal Casas, Samantha Wendel, Sydney Minet, Abby Gillen, Kellee Odneal, Edwin Ruiz, Abby Lightner, and Jacob Daily. The 6th graders are Mitchell Lehman, Emiliano Haros, Layton Simon, Kami Whipple, Juan Varela, Danny Escobedo, Samuel James, Kevin Ruiz, Hinckley Carter, Brooke Bailey, Keely Exum, Tessa Irsik, Mackayla Clark, Malachi Meador, and Nayeli Andazola.

On April 26th the track team traveled to Kiowa Co. The boys 4x2 placed 6th and consists of Cure, Teeter, Irsik, and Bleumer. 8th grade results: Watson placed 5th in shot put. Bailey placed 5th in the mile, and she PRed in triple jump with a jump of 25’3. Irsik placed 3rd in discus. 7th grade results: Gillen jumped 24’7 in triple jump, 3’10 in high jump, ran 7:15 in the mile and 3:15 in the 800. Daily jumped 5’3, placed 4th in the 100, and placed 2nd in the 400. Davis placed 6th in the 200 hurdles with a time of 34.20. Ast placed 3rd in the 200m hurdles and 4th in the 100m hurdles. Ruiz placed 6th in the 800. B. Varela placed 4th in shot put. Wendel participated in long jump, high jump, and the 100m hurdles. Nash placed 5th in the 400 and ran the 200 in 35.36. 6th grade results: Clark participated in the 800, discus, shot put, and the 100. Simon placed 1st in the 100, 1st in the 200, and 3rd in the 400. J. Varela participated in the 800, discus, and shot put. On May 3rd the track team traveled to Ashland. The girls 4x2 placed 5th. The girls 4x1 got 2nd. The boys 4x1 placed 6th. 8th grade results: Bailey placed 6th in the mile. Irsik got 4th in the 2200. And Watson got 6th in shot put. 7th grade results: Ast jumped 13’2 in long jump, placed 5th in the 100 hurdles, and 3rd in the 200 hurdles. Daily placed 2nd in high jump, 3rd in the 100 and 2nd in the medley.

Kiley Whipple

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