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Mr. Diller

March 07, 2018


My students are always hard at it during this time of the year. All of the shop classes have projects progressing in the shop. Many of the students are experiencing new procedures and completing various technical processes as their individual project work continues.  

The 8th Grade shop students are making good progress on their bedside tables. They are close to having their drawer boxes completely constructed and installed. The foot molding is next on their list of things to do and they will practice their routing and mitering skills.

Both high school woodworking classes are working like troopers in the shop now.  It’s especially rewarding to see the students applying what they have been learning as they progress through the various stages of construction.  Between constructing carcases, milling and applying decorative foot moldings, and preparing for drawer installations, they have been exceptionally busy. They should have quite a collection of very nice furniture pieces to display in May.

The drafting students are currently working on orthographic drawings of various machine parts. The orthographic format requires drawing three separate views of the object to convey all necessary information required for manufacturing.

The welding students have completed their lab practice welds and are now getting their projects started. This year we will have a BBQ grill, a fire pit, a boot holder, a swinging target and a welded table. They are continuing to work hard in perfecting their newly learned techniques and processes.

Mikel Osborne has began working as my Teacher's Aide this second semester. He is completing a variety of tasks which are highly appreciated.  And, on slow days, he has began learning how to run the wood lathe. Hopefully, we'll get to the point where he can also complete a project woodturning.

So, all in all, things are going very well!  The students are especially busy and learning up to expectations as they expand their horizons.

Submitted by Mr. Diller



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