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Mrs. Jury

February 08, 2018


    Preschool teacher, Mrs. Jury, had an amazing Christmas. She enjoyed spending time with her grandchildren and other family members. To celebrate Christmas, Mrs. Jury and the preschoolers had a party full of games and other fun activities. Now that school is back in session, Mrs. Jury and the preschoolers have been using the cold weather to teach and learn more about counting, such as counting snowballs and snowflakes! Other than counting the preschoolers have been very busy learning about the letters in the alphabet and doing different activities for each letter. The preschoolers have been doing some science experiments, just recently they made a snowstorm in a jar, which consists of baby oil, water, white paint, and cold tablets! When asked if there was anything else she wanted to add to the newsletter, Mrs. Jury said, “Be prepared, and be well rested!”


Estacy and Mackenzie


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