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Mrs. Beach

February 08, 2018

    Mrs. Beach’s Second Grade class has a lot of fun things planned for the second semester. They have already taken a whole day to learn about Martin Luther King Jr. and celebrate his life on January 15th. Mrs. Beach is also planning for Kansas Day and how they will celebrate. One fun thing that the second graders are doing later on this semester is put on “Tacky the Penguin” (the play) for the elementary school and whoever wants to watch. All are welcome!


    When interviewing Karlee Whipple about what she was looking forward to during the rest of school, she said, “I like to talk to Mrs. Beach. She is very nice and fun!” She also went on to say how she was excited to get back into math and hang out with her friends. Karlee’s goal is to be the best second grader she can be.


-Benjamin Meador


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