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Mrs. Rodenbur

November 29, 2017

    As we all know Mrs. Rodenbur talks to different students, some might go and talk in groups, or others will just go alone. Students go in there to talk to Mrs. Rodenbur about whatever they want or if they need to sit in a chair and have a break they can do that too. This year Mrs. Rodenbur has seen that students have went in and checked their grades, so Mrs. Rodenbur states, “the students have been really aware of their grades.” Mrs. Rodenbur’s first month has been pretty busy now that the elementary got a new program with the scheduling. Also, Mrs. Rodenbur is taking the seniors and juniors on a college visit, but don’t worry there’s going to be some career speakers in Cimarron, and some will be able to go to that. The eighth graders, sophomores, and juniors are going to Dodge City for the career exploration day.


Estacy and Mackenzie


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