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Mr. Teeter

October 11, 2017

    One of our new teachers here at Ingalls School, Mr. Teeter, claimed that his plans for the school
year are to get adjusted and see what the students already know and what they need to know. “It’s kind
of like starting over from square one,” he said. After asking how different it is working in Ingalls
compared to Garden he said, “three classes come to my class everyday and each is a challenge but I
enjoy it. Teaching in Garden is way different than teaching in Ingalls because of the school population
and how the school is divided.”
    After asking what made him come to Ingalls Teeter said, “my kids have been here forever and
I’ve always had a heart for the kids in Ingalls.” After asking how he enjoys being a coach, he replied,
“being a coach here is nice, and I’ve always wanted to teach here and be a part of it.” Mr. Teeter has
several hobbies which includes; football, hunting, fishing, and hanging out with his kids and wife. What
Mr. Teeter admires about Ingalls school, he said, the size of the school, the kind staff, and the involved
students. It’s a really unique school and he enjoys it. Mr. Teeter quoted, “I’ve always wanted to be a
teacher and a coach, so when I was thirty-five my wife told me to decide what I want to be when I grow
up”. So he went back to school and has had a passion for being a teacher ever since.
    When Mr. Teeter explained what it is like being a teacher and a coach, he said, it’s a lot of fun
because he gets to see a lot of kids outside of school and he builds some extra bonds and different
bonds then just being a normal classroom teacher. He enjoys both so much.
One fun fact about Mr. Teeter is that he is afraid of heights!

Jazmine and Elena

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