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Mrs. Schmidt

October 10, 2017

    Mrs. Schmidt is an amazing person and a hard worker. In case you didn’t know who she is, she is our
librarian. She takes care of everyone and she also takes care of the books. She is a very hard worker and
we appreciate everything she does for us. When asked what is so different from being a kindergarten
teacher to a librarian, she replied, “There is a lot less hugs, and instead of planning just for one grade, I
have to plane for the whole school”. Mrs. Schmidt is defiantly a hard worker for Ingalls.
    Mrs. Schmidt stated that she’s the most excited to see the kids and students this year. To prepare for
the school year she received a maker space for the kids. She also received a puzzle table and she’s
making sure to order new books for everyone that she knows everyone will like. Mrs. Schmidt likes to
have space in her library, that’s why she’s going for a more open concept.
    Of course Mrs. Schmidt loves working with the students and staff, but on her days off, she states that
she loves any family time that she gets. Mrs. Schmidt is defiantly a family person indeed. But she is
excited for the school year to start and to see the students grow academically and to see the students
reading more.

Jazmine and Elena

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