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Cell Phone Policy

On January 5,2015, the Board of Education adopted a change in the HS/MS Handbook regarding cell phone usage in school.



Cell phones and I-pods will be allowed in school.  They may be carried between classes and during lunch period.  When students enter a classroom, all cell phones/iPods must be placed in a designated location in that classroom.  On the way out of class, students will pick up their device.  Failure to place a device in the designated location will be a violation of the policy.  Students may choose to leave devices at home, in their vehicle, in their hall locker, or in their locker room locker (during P.E. classes).  Cell phones are not a requirement for class.  

With this new flexibility, all students will be expected to use devices in a responsible and appropriate manner, according to the terms of this policy.  Violations of this policy will result in specific consequences which are stated below.

If a student is caught with a cell phone in their possession after class has started, the phone will be confiscated by the teacher and delivered to the office at the teacher’s convenience.  The student may pick-up the phone in the office at the end of the day.  On the first violation, the student will receive loss of all cell phone privileges at school for 5 consecutive days.  This means that upon arrival at school, the student will turn in their phone to the office and pick it up after school, each day they have lost privileges.  Absent days do not count.  Students may choose to leave their phones at home, but must still report to the office each morningFailure to bring phone to the office upon arrival will result in doubling the days of lost privileges.

Second violation—student will receive loss of all cell phone privileges at school for 10 consecutive days and one day of in school suspension (ISS).

Third violation— loss of phone privileges at school for the remainder of the school year and 3 days of out of school suspension (OSS).


Additional important considerations:

1-If a cell phone, placed in the designated area, rings or otherwise disrupts class it may result in a violation.  Place the phone in “silent” mode.

2-IHS period is subject to the same rules as all other classes.

3-Calling on cell phones can only be made with permission from a staff member.  Calling without permission will result in a violation.

4-No camera usage is allowed from the time a student arrives at school until the end of the school day.  Camera use will result in a violation.

5-Inappropriate, unlawful use of devices will result in a violation as well as law enforcement intervention.

6-Students will not be allowed to take device with them during a class time restroom/water break.

7-Teachers may still allow students to use cell phones in class for instructional reasons.  Teachers are to use discretion in how, why and when they may be used and should closely monitor their use.




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