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Mr. Leverett

March 07, 2018

Mr. Leverett’s first month back to school was pretty good, other than all of the sickness going around, which made it harder for him to teach and make sure all of the students learned all that they needed to learn. In his freshman class, Mr. Leverett is going to be focused on teaching them about World War II, in geography he will be teaching about Asia, the eighth graders will be learning about the Civil War, and the sixth graders will be discussing Roman culture and the Roman Empire. For his eighth graders he plans to assign a project that deals with the Civil War, and for the freshman he plans to assign either a paper or a project that focuses on World War II. When asked if he wanted to add anything else to the newsletter, Mr. Leverett said, “You’re doing a great job...try to do everything with a positive attitude!”

Estacy and Mackenzie

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