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Mrs. Meis

February 07, 2018

My Christmas break:

I spent a lot of time with my family. We traveled to Hays to see the Meis family and had other family member come home to us for some time over the holidays. I did a lot of cooking which in turn meant I did more eating than necessary! We watched movies and put puzzles together. We had a great time together!

What do I have planned for my students the remainder of the school year?  

We have a lot of learning left to do! We will be continually working to improve our reading skills and tackle even more difficult concepts in math.

Any fun activities planned:

Third grade is just fun every day! Even though we are working hard we still manage to find fun in each day. This group of students has such a great attitude and they are always eager to learn more and improve themselves. We enjoy our days together. We have pen pals in another school that the students are excited about exchanging letters with. They love the different art projects we incorporate into our routine. We have an A.R. party coming up to celebrate our reading accomplishments. We will have a Valentine’s party which is always filled with laughs and giggles.

Holidays celebrations:

We had a student gift exchange in 3rd grade as well as a classroom party. We also “RACK’ed” our family and friends throughtout the Christmas season. Yes, we sprinkled RANDOM ACTS OF CHRISTMAS KINDNESS everywhere we could: in the halls here at school, to other teachers, our friends, our family, and to strangers. This was a wonderful part of December for this group of children!

We will also be having a Valentine’s celebration with a party and exchange valentine’s greetings with each other. It will be SWEET!

I would like to thank all the parents and families for sharing their children with me. It is an honor and a special privilege to be a part of their lives. They are a joy!

Submitted by Mrs. Meis

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