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JH Boys Basketball

On November 9, 2017 Ingalls junior high boys traveled to Bucklin for their very first basketball game. Although the boys fought hard, they lost by 7 points. The final score being Ingalls 31-Bucklin 38. On November 16, 2017 the junior high boys took on the South Gray Rebels on their home turf. The final score Ingalls 30-South Gray 59. On November 20, 2017 Ingalls junior high boys went against the Hodgeman county longhorns at home. Ingalls lost by 14 points, final results were Bulldogs 12-Longhorns 26. On November 30, 2017 for the Ingalls junior high boys fourth game they played the Spearville Lancer on their home court. Resulting in a bulldog loss the final score was Ingalls 17-Spearville 34. On December 7, 2017 Ingalls junior high boys challenged the Minneola Wildcats at home, the bulldogs fought a good battle but, unfortunately the Bulldogs lost final score was Bulldogs 21-WIldcats 41. On December 14, 2017 Ingalls junior high boys brought on the South Central Timberwolves at home. The Bulldogs put up a fight but lost for the final score being Bulldogs 18-Timberwolves 30.  On December 18, 2017 the Bulldogs fought against Pawnee Heights Tigers on Tiger territory. Putting up a battle bulldogs fought hard. Final score Ingalls 30-Pawnee 35 ingalls lost in overtime. On January 4, 2018 Ingalls brought on a battle against the Ashland Bluejays at home. Ingalls put up a fight for this one and won! Final score Ingalls 26-Ashland 23. On January 11, 2018 Ingalls took on the Satanta Indians at home. Final score was Ingalls 19-Satanta 47. On January 18, 2018 the Bulldogs fought the Kiowa County Mavericks in Greensburg. Final score was Ingalls 28- Kiowa 31. On January 29, 2018 the Bulldogs challenged the Fowler Goldbugs at home. Ingalls fought for the right to win. Final score Bulldogs 27-Goldbugs 23. Go Bulldogs!

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