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Mrs. Bleumer

October 10, 2017

    Mrs. Bleumer helps with elementary computer time, teaches middle school keyboarding and
computer, accounting, and desktop publishing at the high school level. This summer she spent a lot of
time scrapbooking and traveling to see her daughter in Lindsborg, Kansas. She also did some painting in
room at her house and spent some time relaxing.
    Mrs. Bleumer’s plan for this school year are to continue to learn, and discover new ways to use
Chromebooks, and know how to share those discoveries with students due to the increased amount of
Chromebooks in our school district. She will be focusing on creating a blended classroom through the
use of technology. Her goals for the students this year are to set high goals for themselves. Mrs.
Bleumer magnifies this goal by stating that, “hard work beats talent if talent doesn’t work hard.” Her
biggest classes this year are the 6 th grade class with twenty-seven kids, and the 7 th grade with twenty-six
kids. She is excited about getting to know the new students because there are a lot of new students in
the district this year.
    One fun fact is that she has a new family member, an indoor dog named Nix a toy Australian

Hunter Lacy

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