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Mrs. Meador

October 10, 2017


    Mrs. Meador is the junior high and high school music teacher here at Ingalls Schools. She teaches Pre-K through 12th grade choir. She also teaches 5th,6th, and 7-12th band.  Mrs. Meador is also prepares the concerts and makes sure that everything is running smoothly.

    Mrs. Meador is also a cheer coach for the middle school and high school cheerleaders. Ever wonder how they make their dances so perfect? Well, Mrs. Meador is the one that helps them reach that goal in ways of breaking down the dance routine and making sure they understand it. Mrs. Meador states that cheerleading is her only “girl thing” that she has the opportunity to do. She has two boys at home that she takes care of, so being able to be the coach of groups of girls is something that she really enjoys.

    She said the difference between coaching middle school and high school cheer is that her high school cheerleaders are more focused and “down to business”. They are ready to get dances and cheers perfected and ready for half time shows at football and basketball games. The middle school cheerleaders are always fun to work with. They are new to learning dances and cheers so it’s always fun to teach the younger ones new actions. The middle school cheerleaders look up to the high school cheerleaders. So they are excited to be able to have the opportunity to be cheering and performing a dance with the high school cheerleaders. They will have to work hard together, but once all the practice is over and the dance is complete, it will be all worth the hard work!

    There amount of students that participated in band going to state fair in Hutchinson Kansas, Cooper Beavers, Linda Berg, Crystal Casas, Trinity Denton, Brenden Ellis, Ryder Fisher, Kody Green, Hayden Jellison, Phoenix McPhail,  Sydney Minet, Joselinne Molinar, Kellee Odneal,  Lupite Perez, Anabeth Ratzlaff, Emma Smith, Slater Smith, Kasi Smith, Cole Teeter, Chance Unruh, Alexia Watson, Tyson Bleumer, Kayde Brooks, Shelby Campbell, Lorenzo Cervantes, Cesar Estrada, Mariah Litton, Benjamin Meador, Obed Peregrino, Timeri Petty, Ransom Phlieger, Samantha Ramos, Rheann Phlieger, Prisma Rojas, Sierra Schiffelbein, Brady Schmeckle, Brooklyn white, and Kiley Whipple. There were two flag girls which were Jazmine Porras and Elena Garfio. They did well at the state fair and they took home a 1! Mrs. Meador is super proud of our bulldog band! After asking how long it took to prepaid for the fair Mrs. Meador replied, It took the first full day of school and they a had a couple and practiced about 8 times to get ready.

    For her choir she just knows when her students are ready for a concert. They may be little nervous at the beginning, but eventually they will get used to it. Once she sees that they are confident and ready to perform in front of all the teachers and some students, she knows at that moment they are ready to perform.  Same goes for contest time. If they are confident enough to perform in front if judges then they are ready to go.

    One fun fact about Mrs. Meador is that she spends a lot of time with her church family!

Elena and Jazmine



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